IMG_3493Students are the ambassadors of the nation. They are the budding young leaders on whose steady shoulders rests the growth and development of the country. I t is rightly said by someone that ‘ Education is what remains when everything has been forgotten. Mahaveer Public School believes in the holistic development of its students. Keeping this in mind, the school provides a plethora of activities through different clubs to bolster the students’
Confidence in themselves and to instill a positive spirit of cooperation and competition among them. The clubs aim to chisel the students’ creativity and provide a common platform for them to ‘grow and bloom’ into worthy citizens of our nation. the ‘Ignited Minds’ are motivated through various clubs like Commerce Club, British Council, Interact Club, Eco Club, French Club and Theatre/Literary Club.
Mahaveer strives to train the young minds to soar their wings confidently in today’s ‘global village’ and touch the glorious heights.Through these clubs, the students’ basic skills are strengthened so that they could create a niche for themselves and set exemplary landmarks of excellence, worth emulating indeed!!


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