Educomp Smart Class

Educomp Smart Class

Educomp Smart Class is now part and parcel of the Mahaveer Public School Infrastructure. The software is engrossed into the system that it seems an in built part of curriculum. The graph of usage of the programme is going in ascending order.Every staff member enjoys using this software to it adds two more dimensions of visual and sound to their classroom teaching.

About Educomp Smart Class: Educomp Smart Class is concept based on the assumption that technology cannot replace the teacher. Technology can supplement the teacher and teaching aids. The programme comprises of short presentation of 2-3 minutes of each topic of course in all the subjects. These presentations designed to fit in 40 minutes period. The presentation is full of animation, sound and graphics which makes the concepts easy and interesting for students and improves their learning skills. These presentations can be paused in between and a teacher can give his/her explanation. This application also provides the facility to display self prepared content using visualizer and also allows drawing figures, graphs etc.In order to improve the practical skills in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, school has set up a 3-D lab which gives greater understanding to students in learning these skills and makes it enjoyable and easy.

School Talk Programme

School has taken another step to increase the effective and smart use of IT by introducing another programme in the form of SCOOTALKS, which connects all the teachers, students and the parents on a single platform to share their ideas and progress of school and child. However, due to busyness of parents in their work they miss a lot of activities in the school. But this project will help to bring each one to close and share classroom activities and school activities using this programme. It also helps in sending messages to the parents along with images and videos. This project needs smart phone for its effective use.