Girl’s Bag Pipe and Brass Band

bagpipeA unique feature and popular feature as Mahaveer is the Bag Pipe Band, for the girls classes VI to VIII. It is colorful, rhythmic and graceful activity in which discipline is the key factor. The children experience the freshness and brilliance of music. The activity also increases blood circulation, which in turn trends the growth of hormones that leads to good height and built of a child. It can be a Careers option for those who specialize in it.

The Mahaveer Girls Bag Pipe Band has been performing commendably well on various prestigious occasions as the NCC Day, Republic Day, Independence Day etc. and has been praised by eminent dignitaries for its exceptional endeavor. Brass Band Symphony of ears.
Mahaveer Public School Brass Band was started in the year 1998 with full pomp and glory. Every celebration in the school in marked with a splendid performance by our very own band. The students participate with zeal and enthusiasm, with invigorating performance and are appreciated for the unique and dynamic music that the Brass Band makes. Students render exemplary soothing music with the help of horns, trumpets, drums, cornets etc.

Students from classes VI to VIII are members of this unique Band group

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