Mahaveer School

CBSE Campaign Public Health Response to Covid-19 Activity

Public Health Response to COVID-19

The campaign initiated by CBSE was very well executed from 12th October to 15th October .Covid pledge was delivered through Google link on 12.10.20 wherein entire Mahaveer Public School family participated in ,later receiving certificates of the same.

Principal Ms. Rashmi Talwar held a meeting with staff members on 14.10.20 as she apprised one and all about Covid 19 Appropriate behavior and execution of 2-month Action Plan of the campaign. The central message of the new strategy for Unlock with Precautions was told. IEC material is uploaded in school website. The action plan was disseminated in simple and easily understandable message.

Following the action plan for 15.10.20 students composed, recited and sung inspirational poems, jingles and songs on the theme- Precautions for COVID-19 in their online classes.

The compositions displayed a lot of innovative ideas and were very interesting and inspirational describing safety and protective by measures to be taken in order to drive the disease away and cease its further spread.

Number of students received action plan–2209

Number of parents received–4418

Number of teachers received—90 

Appropriate Behavior Date : 12th October to 15th October 

Taglines ,Pamphlets and Parody-19th October to 22nd October,2020